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Google Maps

We use Google Maps as an embedded map to help our customers with location. More information about Google’s privacy policy can be found at this link:

1.1 What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent by a server to a user’s device (usually the Internet browser) when they access a page on a website. Cookies allow the web server to store information to be reused during the same visit to the website (session cookies) or later (persistent cookies).

Cookies facilitate navigation on the website, allow the storage of visited pages and other specific information, such as frequently visited pages, connection errors, etc.
Cookies are stored, based on user preferences, by the individual browser on the specific device used (computer, tablet, smartphone).

Browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) are often set to accept cookies automatically. However, users can modify the default setting in order to disable or delete cookies, with the consequence, however, that the optimal use of some areas of the Site may be prevented. Therefore, for an optimal use of this website, it would be appropriate for the user to configure their browser to accept the receipt of these cookies.

In addition, while browsing, the user may also receive in their terminal cookies from different websites (so-called “third party cookies”) set directly by the operators of those websites and used for the purposes and in the manner defined by them.

1.2 Types of Cookies

Based on the characteristics and use of cookies, the following categories can be distinguished:

a) Technical Cookies: These are cookies necessary to navigate a website and use its features, such as allowing pages to be displayed correctly or accessing restricted areas. Therefore, disabling these cookies does not allow these activities.
They are not used for other purposes and can be divided into:

  • navigation or session cookies: guarantee normal navigation and use of the website;
  • functional cookies, which allow the user to browse according to a series of selected criteria (for example, the language) in order to improve the service provided to the user;

b) Performance Cookies: collect information about the efficiency of a website’s responses to user requests anonymously, for the sole purpose of improving the website’s features; for example, which pages are most visited by the user and whether there have been errors or delays in delivering web pages.

c) Profiling cookies: they are intended to create user-related profiles and are used to send advertising messages according to the preferences shown by the user in the context of web browsing.

1.3 Third Party Cookies

When visiting the website, the user may also receive on his device cookies from websites managed by other organizations (“third party cookies”): this is because elements such as images, maps, specific links may be present on the website. for web pages of websites or web services.
These cookies may be sent to the user’s browser by third party companies directly from their websites, which can be accessed by browsing the website.
For information transparency purposes, the following is a list of third party services on the website, the purposes and links to the information pages of the various services:

Google Maps

On some pages, there may be interactive maps provided by Google, which may set cookies to collect information and preferences related to this service.
For more information on Google’s use of cookies, see Google’s privacy policy:
Google Privacy Policy